Teeth Whitening

You may be infelicitous with the color of your teeth for a diversity of reasons. Food and drink can encolour the teeth as be able some medications such as tetracycline when consumed at an early age. Smoking encolours the teeth along with damaging your oral and overall health. As we grow older, the teeth grow duller looking. And, people are born with teeth that work out essentially in a wide assortment of color, inclusively of yellow and gray shades.

Teeth Whitening

While dull or encoloured teeth can be absolutely healthy, you don’t have to settle for healthy teeth with an inamazing look. We together with My Canadian Pharmacy suggest a diversity of teeth whitening operations to make your smile brighter, inclusively of Zoom!® one-hour in-office teeth whitening.

Our doctors will separate delicate cheek and gum tissue and then implicate a hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth. After implications, the process will be brought into action and speeded up through the usage of a high-intensity light. Follow up bleaching at home with customized trays monthly is advised to sustain the outcomes.

Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

If your teeth are sensitive or if you would appriciate it, we can provide take-home bleaching trays so that you can operate the whitening action in the comfort of your own home. We’ll customize thin plastic trays to suit your teeth and supply you with a hydrogen peroxide decision that is a lower concentration than that used in the dental office. Wearing the trays for thirty minutes per day at home, the procedure will take place over a period of two weeks. Utilizing the at-home operation, even those patients with sensitive teeth can satisfy a whiter smile.

Teeth whitening operated in the dental office or at-home teeth whitening processes provided by our dentists supply outstanding outcomes to those of over-the-counter whiteners. If you are bored of dull or discolored teeth, please give our office a call and let our doctors turn your smile from disappointing to dazzling!