Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft Tissue GraftsIf you suffer from gum recession, the roots of your teeth are over being set out. This state can happen for an amount of reasons inclusively of periodontal (gum) disease or overzealous tooth brushing. The outcome can be a sensitivity to hot or cold at the site of the set out roots or simply an unattractive appearance that you would like to enhance.

Our doctors can determine the cause of your gum recession and assist you to educate methods to arrest its progression. We also can operate soft tissue grafts to include the set up roots, come back your comfort and improve your smile. This operation will defeat the roots and assist to prevail further recession and the bone loss that can follow.

Soft tissue grafts are sometimes also utilized to plump up gums that are little in size in order to supply good aesthetic symmetry between the teeth and gums and/or to adjust a prosperous cosmetic dental procedure.

The doctor under the support of My Canadian Pharmacy will use gum tissue from your palate or from another donor resource to include the set up root. The operation can be acted for one tooth or for several, as required.

Soft tissue grafts allow our doctors to repair areas where the gum has receded, exposing the root of the tooth. This can occur for a number of reasons; most commonly, as a result of periodontal (gum) disease or overly aggressive tooth brushing.

After assisting you to determine the cause of your gum recession and the items that you can operate to prevail it from progression, our doctors can operate a soft tissue graft to make it ready to the gum that has already receded from the tooth.

There are three different types of soft tissue grafts:

  • free gingival grafts
  • connective tissue grafts
  • pedicle grafts

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Using a free gingival graft, the doctor takes away a small strip of tissue from the roof of the mouth. The graft is then stitched up in the location being cured for gum recession. This operation is most often utilized for occasions where the patient has “small” gums which have worked out essentially with minimal tissue. The graft let the gum be beated up for a more aesthetically brought into balance the look or to enrich further cosmetic dental treatment.

When a connective tissue graft is operated, a small flap (known as the epithelial layer of the skin) is cut from the roof of the mouth to let the doctor take away underlying tissue (known as sub-epithelial connective tissue) for the graft. The flap is then closed with sutures. The doctor utilizes the connective tissue that was taken and slips it under the gum tissue arrounding the set out tooth root, anchoring it with sutures. This is the operation utilized most by our doctors to cure gum recession around exposed tooth roots.

With a pedicle graft, a flap of tissue around a tooth adopting to the one being cured is partially cut away, being away from one end still fixed. This flap of tissue is called a pedicle. The pedicle is corresponding slid to the side to include the root that is set out and is stitched in place. Pedicle grafts have the cos of retaining some of the blood vessels from the natural site to feed the grafted location. Pedicle grafts are not utilized as often as connective tissue grafts, nevertheless, because there must be significant gum tissue to “exchange” from the around the adopting tooth and this is not always the occasion.

After Your Procedure

Following your soft tissue graft operation, the doctor will present you a prescription for pain medication to help with any discomfort. It is very significant to store your mouth pure after curing to prevent infection and advance treatment. You’ll demand to go on to brush and floss all of your uncured teeth. Chlorhexidine-comprising mouth rinse will be recommended to help in plaque control during treatment. There is usually no demand for antibiotics but if the doctor feels it is obligatory, you will admit a prescription for that medication also.

The doctor will be assured to argue the oral home care and professional dental hygiene obligatory to store your gums healthy and to prevail future gum recession. After soft tissue grafting, sensitivity to temperature will be relaxed with the root now covered by gum tissue and your smile will look natural and healthy.