Sinus Augmentation & Sinus Lift

The maxillary sinuses are situated beneath your cheeks and above your upper teeth. Much like empty rooms, they are caval, with some of the roots of the upper teeth stretching up into them. If the upper teeth are deleted or missed, the bone separating the maxillary sinus and the mouth can be paper thin. Because dental implants demand sufficient bone to anchor them in place, this bone is not powerful enough to be utilized.

Sinus Augmentation
Sinus Lift

Years ago, when the upper teeth were missed, there was little that could be operated other than to wear a denture. Now, our doctors are capable to reserve this problem utilizing a sinus graft known as Sinus Augmentation and also called as a Sinus Lift.

Opening the sinus from its side, above where the upper teeth propr resided, the doctor lifts the sinus membrane upward, implanting a bone graft below the floor of the sinus, which is also the roof of the upper jaw. Following a reconditioning period of six months, your natural bone will grow around the bone graft, designing new sinus bone strong enough to take your dental implants.

Today, instead of having to turn to dentures, sinus augmentation allows our doctors to place dental implants in the upper jaw, renewing your oral health and comfort and the ability to enjoy food and to speak and smile with confidence.