Porcelain Facings

Porcelain facings are one of the easiest and most fantastic pronotions supplied by cosmetic dentistry.

Unlike dental crowns which suit over the entire tooth and demand the tooth to be filed down, porcelain facings are extremely powerful, thin wafers of porcelain which are fixed only to the front surface of the tooth, letting for fast, painless, totally non-invasive placement. My Canadian Pharmacy supplies the necessary preparations to carry out this procedure.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain facings supply the outstanding answer to check the look of unattractive but otherwise healthy teeth. Porcelain facings let our doctors change and enhance the organization, size, color, and/or shape of your teeth. Factually, in many occasions, facings can even clerk as an alternative to braces. Because facings are implicated to the front surface of the teeth and are capable to be conditioned by the dentist for ideal placement, they are capable to blank off flaws and present the appearance of a naturally perfect smile. Further, when tetracycline staining is too difficult to answer to teeth whitening operations alone, porcelain facings are capable to supply our patients with the beautiful white smile they’ve longed for.

Call our office to educate how painlessly and quickly (generally in just one or two visits) we can implicate porcelain facings. Let us dramatically alter the look of teeth which have been an embarrassment into a smile you pride to hide.