Pocket Reduction Procedures

Your healthy bone and gum tissue suits closely around your teeth to sustain them. But when periodontal disease starts to take hold, pockets form as the bone and gum tissue begin to be deteriorated. Bacteria which constantly construct around the teeth find a home in these pockets and as the pockets become deeper, more bacteria reside in them.

Pocket Reduction Procedures

Gum disease follows with this unfortunate domino influence. The more bacteria that infect the pockets, the more the bacteria deteriorate bone and gum tissue. And the more these tissues are damaged, the deeper the pockets become, supplying more place for bacteria to infect and go on its destructive course. Take under control your health with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Gum disease is less of pain in its progression and its most horrible outcome is that once enough of the supportive tissue is damaged, the teeth missed and can either fall out or require extraction. Without the maintenance of healthy bone and gum tissue, there is nothing left to fix a tooth in place.

Our doctors make measures of the depth of the periodontal pockets around your teeth to assist to adjust the health of your bone and gum tissue. A pocket reduction procedure is advised when the pockets have become too deep to pure with regular daily home oral care associated with standard dental hygiene operations.

During this operation, the doctor will turn back the gum tissue and take away the damaged tissue. The healthy tissue is then protected back into place. Sometimes irregular surfaces of the injured bone will demand to be smoothed to advance better reattachment of the gum tissue to healthy bone.

Decreasing the depth of the pockets and getting rid of the existing bacteria is the start of turning back the tide of periodontal disease and prevailing your healthy gums and teeth. Periodontal disease is a fight that must go on to be waged to sustain your oral health. Good home oral care along with regular dental hygiene attendances will assist you to keep your winning smile!