Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Periodontal Maintenance TherapyIt’s the objective of our crew to store yours gums and teeth healthy. That’s why, along with your cnstantly planned dental checkups, you are also planned for constantly dental hygiene appointments. Together, our hygienist and doctors construct a crew with you and your good home oral care to store your gums healthy and your teeth strong.

While the specialized examination and purifying of your gums and teeth is constituent of the care you always obtain in our practice, the detection of gum disease at any stage changes us to a greater demand for planned examination and care. If you suffer from periodontal disease, we will assist you to make up your mind upon the correct curing conducted together with My Canadian Pharmacy. And our doctors and hygienist will also schedule and operate a correctly planned program of Periodontal Maintenance Therapy, tailored specifically to your demands.

Because plaque forms on your teeth on a constant basis, the bacteria in plaque constantly assail your teeth and gums. When plaque is not absolutely taken away, it undertakes into a deposit called as calculus or tartar. Daily brushing and flossing will minimize the formation of calculus but cannot entirely prevail it. In spite of your best home oral care, plaque can become a cause of the recurrence of gum disease in just two to four months following a professional cleaning.

You can witness how significant it is to your oral health to sustain a regular schedule of periodontal care once gum disease has been established as diagnosis and you have admitted curing to bring it under control. The continuing health of your gums and teeth as well as your health in general depend upon it.


The frequency of your attendances for Periodontal Maintenance Therapy will be identified by our doctors grounded upon your periodontal state. In accordance to your own individual demands, your support attendances may be planned from every few weeks to every six months. Since each patient’s case is genuine, our doctors advise your program of periodontal support therapy in accordance with:

  • the type of periodontal disease you are suffering
  • the kind of periodontal treatment you have received
  • your history of response to treatment
  • your individual rate of plaque growth

The schedule for your therapy is also highly dependent upon your dedication to good home oral care. If we search that your gums are reacting well to the program you are proceeding home and that your oral health is being well-sustained, you may be replanned for longer intervals between therapy appointments. If your oral health decreases, you may be replanned for more frequent therapy appointments. Some patients have periodontal disease that does not react substantively to even the most directed home oral care and we are pledged to supplying a prolonging program of professional periodontal support therapy that will sustain the best possible health for your teeth and gums.

What to Expect

maintenance visitsDuring your support attendances, our doctors will argue with you any alterations that may have happened in your health history. We will screen your mouth for any abnormal alterations and measure the depth of the gum pockets around your teeth.

Examining you presents us the capability to develop your home oral hygiene and to instruct you in ways that may enhance your results. We will purify your teeth to take away the bacterial plaque and calculus and will take the x-rays obligatory to develop your teeth and the bone maintaining them.

We’ll screen your teeth for symptoms of decay and any other dental concerns that may have worked out and check the way your teeth suit together when you bite down. We’ll also implicate or recommend medications to decrease tooth sensitivity or other problems that you may be practicing.

We are always committed to taking only those x-rays that are necessary for your care. Because x-rays reveal areas of the teeth that are not visible to the naked eye, they enable early detection of disease, which allows for the quickest possible treatment. For that reason, we use x-rays to help us continue to evaluate and maintain your periodontal health.

Is Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Really Necessary?

Periodontal disease is the great cause of tooth loss in adults in the United States and now has been connected with many other health risks such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well. Once you have practiced gum disease, it is significant to be still dedicated to a permanent schedule of correct home and professional oral care because only regular treatment will sustain your oral health.

The care you obtain through periodontal maintenance therapy can offset the obligation of more enlarged periodontal care, the demand for implants due to the loss of teeth, and the difficulties and cost of supplementary health concerns.

Through correct periodontal curing and a prolonging program of periodontal support therapy, our doctors can grant you the capability to sustain your strong and beautiful smile and overall good health for a lifetime.