Periodontal Deep Scaling & Root Planing

The American Academy of Periodontology advises that your periodontal health should be sustained in the least invasive manner probable. Following these guideness, our doctors experience non-surgical periodontal treatment whenever possible.

Non-surgical periodontal operations comprise of deep scaling and root planing. Many patients demand no further treatment after these operations have been operated but the majority of patients need prolonging periodontal support therapy to keep their periodontal health. The operations is conducted together with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Periodontal Deep Scaling Root Planing

  • Deep scaling is an operation in which our doctors correctly wash the root surfaces to take away plaque and calculus (tartar) from deep periodontal (gum) pockets.
  • Root planing is a technology which allows our doctors to smooth the root of the tooth to remove the bacterial toxins that cause gum disease to fester and spread.

We use both hand and ultrasonic tools to operate these procedures successfully and efficiently.

These treatments may be followed by adjunctive therapy such as the usage of local delivery antimicrobials to battle infection being dependent upon the individual occasion.

Although not always so, most patients demand periodontal support therapy to sustain renewed periodontal health.