Patient Experience

Drs. Nicholas & Alisha Holden suggest the most huge stage of patient care in Canada. Focusing on patient background and assuring the greatest degree of comfort, our doctors have been appriciated dental crew of Canada for over 20 years. Aliminating troubles and arranging discomfort is respective to individual – so we dedicate each dental process to individual patient. Complex of quality cosmetic dentistry, industry-running surgical background (including full mouth reconstruction), sedation dentistry and technology go on to determine our reputation.

That reputation continues to amplify in wonderful new ways. Thanks to stage of trust constructed years of patient satisfaction, Canada is now selecting Drs. Nicholas & Alisha Holden for their botox injections.

Our dental practice utilizes technology together with My Canadian Pharmacy to associate our surgical and cosmetic background with patient’s general experience. That’s why we invest in wireless internet for waiting room, cozy dental chairs and flat screen televisions (w/ cable) so you can correct score of game or catch up on your favorite drama during your process.

Dentist Command