Drugs Applied at Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Used as well at Prostate Cancer

My Canadian Pharmacy cares for our clients. That’s why our biggest concern is directed to health of men with prostate cancer. This disease is widespread and by some statistics there are 18 million men affected by this cancer only in USA with a growing patients in Canada. When it comes to cancer prevention, there are some medications you should reassess. Chemotherapy is never a good solution because there are several implications that could be caused.

ED can develop as a symptom in some cases and can affect around 30% of men population.

Some of the best and most common medicines we can suggest are:

Some studies show that these drugs ( tadalafil, sildenafil, vardenafil) can be a potential risk for some patients. They can even be a potential cause of cancer developing. This discussions are closely connected to erectile dysfunction and the cancer recurrence in men.

Prostate Cancer

Studies in Germany

In one of the latest studies in Germany (2015), in which 4752 men participated, the main discussion was about relation between ED medicals, their correlation and indications with recurrence of prostate cancer. One of the most possible ingredients that are considered to be a cause of recurrence is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5i) and it is one of the basic ingredients in drugs like Viagra ordered via My Canadian Pharmacy.

After this reserchers, doctors started to revision their knowledge and raised a question about prescribing this drugs to their patients.

US and Swedish studies

Scandinavian and American doctors had different opinion on this task. Their analysis had extensive range. They worked together with reserchers in National Prostate Cancer Register, and the Prescribed Drug Register during the year 2006. and 2007. It contained 6060 subject who had prostate cancer. 239 men in the study were under a medical threatment for erectile dysfunction. In their cases they discovered few signs of a biochemical recurrence. The other patients who never took any of those medicines, 5767 subjects  never showed  any of these symptoms.

Dr. Loeb, who had the main leading figure in the research, had some important conclusions. She inferred that this statistic numbers are much lower comparing those who were under chemotherapy treatment. And her final reserch was that there was ‘no significant relationship between the use of medication with the active ingredient PDE5i and prostate cancer recurrence.’



Medical products for ED are no longer a risk for a cancer recurrence. Both of these studies had some serious reserchers and important medical community. Their cooperation is something we, as doctors and high standard online pharmacy, must appreciate.

Marginal cancer recurrence was confirmed by another Italian study which research concluded Dr. Leob’s findings: that there is a very small chance that drugs for erectile dysfunction can effect cancer phenomenon. The German study has had strong supporters, one of whom is Dr. Thorsten Schlomm who works at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Candidates who participated in Swedish study had more agressive tumors than those in Swedish studie, according to Dr. Scholmm. Therefore, those patients  had more favorable prognosis. In the end, erectile dysfunction drugs are not linked to the biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer in men.