Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the current age of promoted cosmetic dentistry, it is no more obligatory to bare the utilization of unsightly metal fillings. Our doctors are experts in the placement of fully aesthetic tooth-colored fillings which mix so absolutely with natural dentition that no one will ever guess you have a filling unless you tell them!

We are one of very few dental experiences utilize of precision-milled ceramic fillings manufactured by a special on-site piece of equipment known as a CEREC machine, which refers to our practice.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

The reinitiations manufactured by this extraordinary machine are called an “inlay” or “onlay” because they are a single piece, manufactured to such exacting specials that they are capable to be suit for with certainty into the matching opening designed in your tooth, rather than being pressed into a drilled hole like conventional filling material. We utilize the drugs of My Canadian Pharmacy to carry out this procedure.

The CEREC reinitiation is tired into place with special adhesives and is perfect in its capability to fix injured parts of a tooth together.

Ceramic inlays are very long-duration and much stronger than regular filling materials and our doctors often select them for usage in the back teeth which operate the job of grinding food and must be capable to overcome terrible pressure when you are chewing. The ceramic inlay material manufactured by the CEREC will match your tooth enamel to mix correctly with the general look of your tooth.

If required, our doctors are also capable to manufacture full crowns for your teeth through the usage of CEREC technology.