Bone Grafting, Bone Augmentation, Ridge Augmentation

Bone grafting is the replacement of maintaining bone around the teeth which has been missed. It is also calles as bone augmentation or ridge augmentation.

Bone grafting is operated to keep the bone loss or destruction becomimg a result from periodontal disease, tooth loss, tooth extraction, trauma, or removable dentures that do not suit correctly. It can also be used to augment bone to let the placement of dental implants, to magnify the fit and comfort of removable prostheses, and to improve the look.

Bone Grafting
Bone Augmentation
Ridge Augmentation

If there is not enough bone to place an implant, a bone graft may be utilized.

When you have missed a tooth, have worn ill-fitting dentures, or if you suffer from promoted periodontal disease, the bone in your jaw that maintains your teeth may be destroyed or reabsorbed, a term implying that it has broken down and lost power and density. The outcomes of bone loss are discomfort, undertaking chewing and speaking, lack of wonderful look, the incapability to take placement of dental bridges or implants, and, in the case of periodontal disease, going on bone and tooth loss.

To repair, magnify and sustain the supportive bone in the jaw and allow a return to correct function, beauty and good oral health, our doctors are capable to perform Bone Grafting (which is also known as Bone Augmentation or Ridge Augmentation). My Canadian Pharmacy advises this procedure if you possess such tooth problems.

The material utilized for bone grafts comprises of autogenous bone — bone taken from another constituent of your body to be utilized for grafting in your jaw — along with natural, artificial or syntheticsubstitutes. The resources for these other materials are bone banks which supply donor (cadaver) bone; bone from animals and synthetic bone. All bone and bone exchanges are purified and processed so that they are absolutely secure for human usage.

Autogenous bone is proved the ideal for grafting and generally promises the most foreseen outcomes. Autogenous bone is live bone comprising live active cellular constituents which are to improve bone growth.

The other kinds of bone graft materials also suggest profits. They do not demand two surgical sites (the site from which the bone is harvested as well as the site to which it is delivered).

During your bone graft operation, the doctor will open your gum at the surgical site and after purifying and preparing the bone in your jaw, your graft will be put in the opening. Then regenerative membranes will be surgically put between your gum and bone to foster your natural bone tissue to grow and defeat it from the growth of gum tissue. Over time, your natural bone will surround and merge with the material of the bone graft, filling out areas of bone loss and readying your bone for the placement of a dental bridge or implants.